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Founders of Break UP Club Talk About

Top Reasons to Join

Reasons to Join BreakUP Club


#1: Get through your BreakUP with a sisterhood!

Although it is often said, “it takes a village to raise a child,” we think “it takes a village to get over heartbreak”. We’ve built that village – a community to raise the broken-hearted UP. Our club provides a safe zone, a place without pity or judgment – a place where you can hurt and heal, share and be cared for, with sisters who are all coming from the same place… as opposed to our friends on the outside who can’t fathom how wine for breakfast sounds like a reasonable option.

#2: Breakthrough instead of Breaking down!

Life and love has a funny (or some might say maddening!) way of serving you up the same rough spots and heartaches over and over until you heal them completely. Simply, if you do not recover properly, the scars on your heart still remain and in most cases reopen again in your next relationship. In BreakUp Club, you learn to heal constructively, for good.

#3: New beginnings with those who get it!

One of the worst unexpected things about a breakup is that you can feel like you are the only single one left standing among a sea of coupled-up happy people. Your friends are either with their “ONE,” married or in an anti-love zone. In the BreakUP Club, you’re surrounded by a group of fabulous single ladies who feel where you are… and who knows, one or might live near you!

#4 Get Up & Go, Girl!

Something you are not short of once you re-enter single life is time. And what better way to use your time than to dig deep, deep inside yourself to understand where you have been and where you want to go. Our sessions are filled with hands-on activities, which bring our lessons to life. In addition we leave you with homework (don’t worry – no grades here… it is all about self enrichment!) to keep your process moving along during the week.

#5 Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom

The philosophies, techniques, activities and methods we teach in the BreakUp Club will not only be thought-provoking and self-soothing to make your heartbreak process easier to get through but will also give you life-long learnings that can be applied to future relationships.

What BreakUP Club Isn’t


  • BreakUP Club isn’t a cry-fest but more of a care-fest
  • BreakUP Club isn’t a bitch-bash but more of a brave-bash
  • BreakUP Club isn’t a loser-ville but more of a learn-ville




Use Your Ex To Get Your Next Love

Use your ex to get your next love

Out of all of life’s aches, nothing compares to the pain that comes with heartache. The BreakUP Club is a place where women come together to feel, heal and seal the hurt of a breakup. Its fabric is comprised of positivity; UP is the operative word here!

Members walk away thankful for their past relationship, empowered by their learnings and prepared to move on, stronger and smarter than ever.


Workshop Calendar

4 Paths to Heart Healing


At BreakUP Club we come to the aid of those who are heartbroken and/or having trouble getting over their ex through the following offerings:

  1. In-person: A face-to-face, 4 week course where members in the Los Angeles area gather for constructive and heartfelt healing.
  2. Online Course: Our new and improved online, 4 week course, including a members only social network environment, weekly 1 hr video series conducted by founders, Janis & Tristan, live chat sessions with the founders and other members, instructional blog entries and homework assignments, and one-on-one email dialogue with the founders
  3. Teleseminars: Weekly call-in classes covering a range of relevant and enlightening topics. Launching in July!
  4. One-on-One Private Coaching: Janis & Tristan heal and instruct clients who are in immediate need or simply prefer a bit more privacy, through face-to-face (LA metro only) or phone-to-phone coaching.